IMT blended learning with Edx by Prof. Fleisch (report from the Tag der Lehre)


On Monday, 21st of March, I went to the ‚Tag der Lehre‘ where I saw a presentation of professor Fleisch. He presented his work with the new teaching method: ‘IMT blended learning with Edx’. In this blog, I will give a short summary of the presentation of professor Fleisch and one of his students who currently participates in the first Pilot.

Fleisch’s willingness to change his way of teaching stems from his eagerness not to tell the same story year after year. He was not happy anymore with his own teaching and wanted to change that. The way he works now, he finds a lot more satisfying and that works out positive, also on the students.

Edx is an online platform where professor Fleisch uploads short videos, which all together replace his lectures. The former real-life lectures changed into consultation hours, where students can come with their questions about the learning content which was presented online. On the platform, not only learning material can be uploaded. Also discussions can be started and different tools can be used (e.g. a calendar where both teacher and student can see how much of the course the student completed already). Even the exams are made online. Fleisch uses a mid-term and end-term online test. The biggest advantage I interpreted out of the presentation was however the continuous feedback loops between the teachers and students.

At the moment there is a pilot with 50 students (volunteers, which means a positive selection). One of the students shared his experiences with the audience. His most important argument that advocated for this learning method, was in my eyes that he said to study much more consequent and engaged. “No more last minute bulimia studying”, he explained, what has a positive effect on studying much more sustainable.

The audience had some critical questions about the differences with the current online system of the university, technical problems with online examining, and especially the time consume of the development of the material. Fleisch indeed invests a lot of time, but sees a lot positive effects with his students and clearly enjoys working this way. He will have a bigger pilot next year and let it grow until the whole course is taught this way. He made me curious to follow it up.