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Two months at CEDAR

Profilbild blog

A new face writing a blog for CEDAR. When Taiga moved to Oxford for a while, I moved from Belgium to Switzerland to start my internship here. I am thankful to get the chance to introduce myself with this blog too.

About three years ago, little frustrations about the educational system I was studying in, became a target to me. Convinced about the importance of education in our society, I thought that our educational systems could and should be better. I wanted to work in a place where improvement of education is important, a mission. After the bachelor back then, I decided to start the master Instructional and Educational sciences at the University of Antwerp in Belgium, which I finished last February. About two months ago, I started my internship at CEDAR. I am honored to say that I am in a place as I imagined. In the Institute for Business Education and Educational Management (IWP-HSG), educational research, development and innovation on all organizational levels come together. I get challenged to translate all I studied for into practice. For example when I started at the IWP, I got engaged in the research project ‘Lehre hoch n’. That was my first research project outside the study-context. At the moment I am working at the ‘SUK-project’. There I experience what ‘Instructional Design’, which was a subject in my studies, means ‘for real’. And I also learn what ‘change management’ implies in an organization as the University. I don’t think there could be a better transfer from study to work.

‘Already two months’ sounds like a cliché, but I’m afraid that clichés aren’t clichés for no reason. Time flies, while great minds are inspiring me and make me feel happy to go to work every day. Thanks a lot to the CEDAR-team and other IWP-colleagues for giving me this chance.